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Completed Projects

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Bangladesh Freedom Foundation supported more than 70 projects since its inception.
Some major projects which were closed/phased out recent years are listed below.
(running projects are not mentioned here)


Outreach Program with the School Student
Organisation: War Museum, Dhaka
Duration January 2000-April 2004
Project Location Dhaka


Anowara Memorial Trust Health Centre
Organisation: Anowara Memorial Trust - Trust Health Centre, Chandpur
Duration : 2005
Project Location : Chandpur


To Mobilize Funds for Chhayanaut Bhaban
Organisation: Chhayanaut, Dhaka
Duration October 2004-September 2005
Project Location Dhaka


The Exploration of Science and Knowledge through Lectures
Organisation: Discussion Project, Narayangonj
Duration Feb. 2004- May 2005
Project Location Narayangonj


Community Based Employment Project for Ultra poor Youths.
Organisation:  Institute for Social Advancement (ISA), Maulavibazar
Duration: June 2003-May 2004
Project Location: Maulavibazar


Life Saving Medical Support for Hilly Maternal and Child Health
Organisation: Bolipara Nari Kalyan Somity (BNKS), Bandarban
Duration July 2003-May 2006
Project Location Bandarban


Soil Health Testing Project
Organisation: Abdul Karim-Zahura-Zahurul Memorial Trust (KZZ Trust), Bogra
Duration 2003-2006
Project Location Bogra


Installation of a Bio-Gas Plant for Disposal of Animal and Bird Wastes
Organisation: Velayet Hossain Bahumukhi Uchcha Bidyalay, Tangail
Duration April 2003- August 2005
Project Location Tangail


Book Binding Centre for the Disabled
Organisation: Green Disabled Foundation, Sylhet
Duration April 2003 March 2005
Project Location Sylhet


Mother and Child Health Care and Health Awareness Programme
Organisation: Fareea Lara Foundation, Gazipur
Duration January 2003- February 2007
Project Location Gazipur


Community Based Health Care Services with Local Contribution.
Organisation: Centre for Advanced Research and Social Action (CARSA), Madaripur
Duration October 2002 - December 2006
Project Location Madaripur


Support to Ziaul Haque Pathagar (Library)
Organisation: Ziaul Haque Pathagar (Library), Chapai Nawabganj
Duration July 2002-on going
Project Location Chapai Nawabganj


Strengthening Blood Collection and Transfusion Centre for the Thallassemia patients
Organisation: LUSTRE, Natore
Duration April 2002-March 2007
Project Location Natore


Promotion of Traditional Knowledge and Skills of Indigenous People: Handloom work of Garo Women and Support to Child Care Centre
Organisation: Ideal Step for Sustainable Development (ISSD), Mymensingh
Duration May 2002-September 2005
Project Location Mymensing


Employment Oriented Project for the Ultra Poor Young People
Organisation: Mirpur Juba Unnayan Sangstha (MJUS), Habigonj
Duration November 2002 - November 2003
Project Location Habigonj


Employment Oriented Project for the Ultra Poor Young People.
Organisation: Suprovat Unnayan Sangstha, Moulvibazar
Duration November 2002 November 2003
Project Location Moulvibazar


Monitoring the Situation of Human Rights in Upazila’s within the Dhaka Metropolitan Area- Human rights: Fact finding, Research and Action programme.
Organisation: Odhikar, Dhaka
Duration June 2002 to August 2004
Project Location Dhaka


Training and Skill Development Program of the Destitute Women
Organisation: Centre for Training and Rehabilitation of Destitute Women (CTRDW), Dhaka
Duration February 2002 February 2003
Project Location Dhaka


Theatre Training Programme at national and local levels
Organisation: Society for Education in Theatre, Dhaka
Duration February 2001-February 2007
Project Location Dhaka


Development Programme for Physically Disabled Girl Children
Organisation: Banchte Shekha (BS), Jessore
Duration 2001-2005
Project Location Jessore


Integrated Education-Cultural Programme
Organisation: FULKI, Chittagong
Duration August 2001-April 2006
Project Location Chittagong


Advocacy, Training, Information Dissemination and Policy Promotion on Child Rights in Bangladesh
Organisation: Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum, Dhaka
Duration Sept. 2001-August 2004
Project Location Dhaka


Community Based Rehabilitation of Street and Working Children with Disabilities
Organisation: Chhayanaut, Dhaka
Duration March 2001- March 2007
Project Location Dhaka


Orientation Training on Child Disease for Rural Medical Practitioners (RMPs)
Organisation: Bangladesh Rural Medical Association (BRMA), Dhaka
Duration November 2001 October 2003
Project Location Dhaka


Awareness Building, Social Mobilization for the victim of violence oppressed, destitute, trafficked women and children - giving them counselling, legal aid and treatment support including training and shelter
Organisation: Palok, Kustia
Duration September 2001- on going
Project Location Kushtia


Assistance for Women entrepreneurs
Organisation: Alternative Development Organisation for Research & Evaluation (ADORE), Khulna
Duration 2001-2003
Project Location Khulna


Skill Development and Self-Reliance of Rural Disabled and Destitute
Organisation: Dristihin Duastha Kalyan Ssngstha (DDKS), Agailjhara-Barishal
Duration April 2001- June 2004
Project Location Barisal


Health Care Services for the Underprivileged Working Children.
Organisation: Radda MCH-FP Centre, Dhaka
Duration April 2001 December 2003
Project Location Dhaka


Reproductive and Sexual health services
Organisation: Socio Economic Development Assisting Center (SEDAC), Jhenaidha
Duration January 2001- August 2006
Project Location Jhenaidha


Publication Subsides for the Photo-Album on our Glorious Past: Sonargaon
Organisation: Our Glorious Past: Sonargaon
Project Location Sonargaon, Dhaka


Village-level Awareness and Socialization Program of Children & Women rights
Organisation: Tripartite Development Council (TDC), Dhaka
Duration July 2000-June 2003
Project Location Dhaka


Telegu Women & Child Development Programme
Organisation: Mother and Child Integral Welfare Organisation (MCIWO), Dhaka
Duration 2000 to 2005
Project Location Dhaka


Awareness Building and Empowerment Programme for Socio-Economic Development of the Disadvantaged Indigenous Disabled, Working in Tea Estates as Labourers
Organisation: Multi Purpose Socio-economic Development Association (MSEDA), Maulvibazar
Duration January 2005- 2007
Project Location Bandarban


Prevention Campaign on Acid Violence
Organisation: Acid Survivors Foundation
Duration 2001-2003
Project Location Dhaka


Social Movement in Kaligonj Against Women and Children Trafficking and Gender Violence
Organisation: Shushilan
Duration April 2001- March 2002
Project Location Satkhira


Water Supply and Sanitation in the Urban Slums of Dhaka City
Organisation: Society for Urban Health (SUH)
Duration 2002
Project Location Dhaka


Founding Science Laboratory and Distributing Computers’ in order to Develop the Standard of Education
Organisation: Soptagoan Adarsha Uchcha Biddyalya
Duration March 2003 ?March 2006
Project Location Noakhali


Observation of the 3rd December, International day of PWDs
Organisation: National Forum of Organisations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD)
Duration November 2000? December 2000
Project Location Dhaka


Disaster Preparedness Training and Hazard Mitigation Strategies: Exporting the local geographical knowledge and peoples wisdom in the disaster-prone coastal area of Bangladesh
Organisation: Disaster Research Training & Management Centre (DRTMC), Department of Geography and Environment, Dhaka University
Duration August 2000-June 2003
Project Location Dhaka


Empowerment of Women through Greater Access to National Resources
Organisation: Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha
Duration July 2000 ? June 2002
Project Location Dhaka


Eight Television Spots on Environment, Women Issues, Child Rights, Human Rights and Literacy
Organisation: Center for Development Communication (CDC)
Duration March 2000 to March 2001
Project Location Dhaka


Eradication of Illiteracy and Promoting the Decaying Traditional Values.
Organisation: Centre for Community Development Assistance
Duration 2000-2003
Project Location Camilla


Empowering the Women and Persons with Disability (PwDs) Through Narrowing the Knowledge Gap
Organisation: Community Development Library (CDL)
Duration January 2000-December 2002
Project Location Dhaka


Effectiveness of Audio-visual Media in Disseminating Social Message on HIV/AIDS and Women Trafficking
Organisation: FemCom Bangladesh
Duration September 2001-February 2002
Project Location Dhaka


Women Empowerment
Organisation: Association for Development and Human Rights (ADHR)
Duration July 2006- June 2007
Project Location Naogaon


Computer Training for the Adibashi Women of Rangamati Hill Tracts
Organisation: Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Development (CIPD)
Duration May 2005 - May 2008
Project Location Rangamati


Provision of Special Seating for Poor Children with Disabilities
Organisation: Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP)
Duration: March 2005-March 2007
Project Location: Savar, Dhaka


Research Work on Kagojer Phul
Organisation: Audio Vision
Duration: May August 2006
Project Location: Savar, Dhaka


Association of Women Construction Workers
Organisation: ADORE, Khulna
Duration:  November 2009-October 2012
Project Location:  Khulna City Corporation (KCC)



Promoting Science Education
Organization: Tact for Rural Development