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ASH Bangladesh, Bagerhat

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ASH Bangladesh vision is to establish a poverty-free, equitable and just society.


ASH Bangladesh mission is the development of disadvantaged people and children, promotion of Child Rights, prevention of violence against women and establishment of rights and good governance at all levels.

Current Major Activities:

1. Issue-based awareness raising through ASH Bangladesh’s award-winning Sishu Angan folk theatre group comprised of students and working youth*

2. Training for capacity building in virus-free shrimp cultivation, farming, raising livestock, handicrafts, tailoring, sewing/embroidery and preserving the environment

3. School based theatre program aimed at preserving culture and raising human rights awareness among students

4. Cultural based education for brothel and working children

5. Good governance program working at Union Parishad (UP) level – partner in SCORE (Strengthening Communities’ Rights and Empowerment) Project is managed by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) with funding from the European Commission (EC). Lead NGO is Khulna based Rupantar.

6. Early childhood development program - nutrition, health and vaccination information for mothers

7. Cultural based non-formal education program for brothel, slum dweller and working children

8. Legal aid support to victimized women and children

9. Sanitation

10.Paddy project

11. promoting Science Education in Secondary Schools (PSE) Project, Supported by Bangladesh Freedom Foundation

*Issue-based awareness raising includes:

HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, dowry, early marriage, gender,

elderly, disabled, sanitation, the environment


Vulnerable and marginalized children, women, farmers, sex workers, the disabled and the aged, members of local government (LG), the community


• Executive Director of ASH Bangladesh Md. Kamruzzaman is:

- Ex-General Secretary of the Bagerhat Press Club .

- Executive Committee Member Shilpolkala Academy.

- Treasurer, Association of Local Organizations in Bagerhat (ALOB).

- Life Member, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.

- Member, District NGO Coordination Committee (DNCC).

- Member, Integrated NGOs Association (INA).

- Member, SUPRO (Campaign for Good Governance).

- Member, Under Privileged and Working Children Development Forum.

- Member, Cultural Development Forum (CDF).

• ASH Bangladesh regularly mobilizes community and community leaders to participate in rallies and events like World Environment Day, Mother Language Day, HIV/AIDS Day, World Human Rights Day, World Water Day, World Children’s Day, Sex Workers’ Day, World Drama Day, etc.

• ASH Bangladesh has established a good working relationship with 24 Union Parishads in 6 Upazilas in Bagerhat District.

• Partnership with Rupantar, a Khulna based NGO, in Good Governance (VSO SCORE Project funded by (EC).

Contact Person and Address:

Md. Kamruzzaman

Executive Director


6300 Doxin Sorui Alia Madrasha Road, Bagerhat.

Bagerhat - 9300, Bangladesh.

Tele: +880 468-63631

Mobile: +880 1818078181 or  +880 1911979848