Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF)

Bangladesh Freedom Foundation (BFF) is an independent grant-making organization governed by a voluntary board of trustees. The Foundation was formed as a trust under Bangladesh law in September 1997 and registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh in April 1998.

Bangladesh Freedom Foundation invests in programs that work towards freeing people from poverty, ignorance and oppression. The Foundation does not support any initiative or organization whose work is contrary to the principles of equality and respect for all religious, cultural and ethnic groups. It does not support any form of religious, ethnic, sectarian, racial discrimination or extremism, nor partisan political agendas.Bangladesh Freedom Foundation operates from an endowment grant provided by the Ford Foundation and welcomes collaborative grant-making with institutions that share similar goals and interests. More information .....

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Bangladesh Freedom Foundation

Bangladesh Freedom Foundation, in collaboration with Drishtipat, published Diaspora Philanthropy in Bangladesh in June 2010.The volume offers a first-of-its-kind database on 350 NRB -run philanthropicorganizations,profiling their origins, goals, major activities, legal status and funding practices. The book, in three sections, also presents selected case studies and success stories.

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